Earth N Eats is a fresh produce farm co-op serving the DMV area based in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania and run by Josiah.

This CSA program was a joint effort by Via Sophia and Earth N Eats due to severe disruptions in the food and restaurant industries from Covid-19. 

It seems like a long time has passed since Via Sophia's chef Colin got Josiah’s first heartbreaking email lamenting the 90% falloff in business his Pennsylvania farm co-op Earth N Eats had lost. Most of the farmers in the Earth N Eats co-op are Amish family farms. These farmers own neither phones nor tractors; they pick your potatoes and carrots, radishes and parsnips by hand, then ride their horses to the closest gas stations twice a week to use their phones to listen to voicemail messages Josiah leaves on mailboxes he set up for them with his orders for the week. When Josiah wrote his email weeks ago he and his farmers were terrified that, with no cash coming in, they would not be able to afford seeds for the spring planting season.

But over the past number of weeks, hundreds of you have ordered farm boxes through the service based at Via Sophia restaurant run by Colin's wife Moe and volunteers, and together with some similar programs run by the All-Purpose restaurants and a few others in the area, Earth N Eats revenues for the second week of April are about back up to 2019 numbers, an incredible achievement you all brought to fruition. In addition, your generous tips have raised about $5,000 for the GoFundMe site we organized to help Colin’s cooks and dishwashers, many of whom have never known anything but 80 hour weeks. It’s a pretty exceptional success story in the midst of a crisis that has largely devastated small farmers. 

We are amazed at your support and we are incredibly grateful.